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Bombay Ladi Pav (pack of 15)


  • Delivered within 6-8 hours of baking
  • Zero chemical additives, preservatives or other nasty chemicals
  • Made using organic ingredients

This classic Mumbai style pav is extremely soft and fluffy. The usp of Bombay Ladi Pav is that it is made without any maida or preservative.

•Made fresh everyday. Delivered to you within 6- 8 hours of baking.

•Zero chemical additives, preservatives, emulsifiers or other nasty chemicals added.

•Made with love using organic ingredients in an artisanal bakery

•Contains commercial yeast . Zero maida. 75% Extraction Stone Ground Wheat Flourflour. Contains raw sugar


75% Extraction Stone Ground Wheat Flour, raw sugar, Konkan Sea Salt, yeast, oil, water


2-3 days (with refrigeration)

Storage Tips

The bread does not contain any chemical preservatives and additives. It is delivered in butter-paper packaging. Please transfer it to an air-tight container and refrigerate it for maximum freshness.

Delivery Time

We prioritise next day delivery.

Most of the deliveries are done by 3 PM.

You will receive a tracking link on WhatsApp when the rider is 20 minutes away from your home!


With a weekly subscription you can get 1 pack of 15 Ladi Pav @125/pack

•1 pack per week @ Rs 125| 4 pack per month

•1200 500 INR/month – Save 58% monthly

•Cancel/Pause/Skip anytime

•Manage Subscription over WhatsApp

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